Stereo 10 - Brisbane was in operation from 1985 until 1988 and was located overlooking the river on Coronation Drive, Auchenflower in Brisbane Queensland. The frequency of 1008 AM is now owned and operated by the TattsGroup, as a Horse Racing Station and is situated in Albion, Brisbane and has been operating since the 1st January 1992.


In September 1935, Radio 4IP commenced operation and was based in Ipswich, Queensland. Between 1965 and 1977, 4IP was the most successful hit music station in Brisbane and was aligned with its Melbourne and Sydney cousins in 3XY and 2SM. Known affectionately to listeners in the 1960s as "Colour Radio 4IP", the station boasted more stars than the milky way; names like David Greenwood, Billy J. Smith, John Knox and Geoff Mullins. In the early 1970s, 4IP relocated from Ipswich to the corner of Adelaide and Wharf Streets, Brisbane and then to the Mount Isa Mines Building and kept adding to its stable of stars.


In the mid-1970s, Alan McGirvan hosted the Breakfast program and promoted its new slogan of "Share Queensland with a Friend," by chartering a QANTAS Jumbo Jet to fly 500 Queenslanders around the state for a day, calling it the "Ultimate Sickie." It was the wildest of parties! There was enough alcohol on board to travel from Sydney to London, yet all 500 people on board drank the plane dry, by the time they reached the Sunshine Coast!


In early 1982, the station was bought by Southern interests and became known as Radio 10. The station then relocated to its brand new studios at Coronation Drive Auchenflower and was officially opened by British Pop Sensation, Boy George on July 1st, 1984. With the introduction of "AM Stereo Technology" in 1985, Radio 10 then became known as "Stereo 10".


In mid 1988, following poor ratings and the ongoing battle that AM stations faced, competing with the FM frequency and stations like "FM104 - Rock In Stereo," Stereo 10 changed from it's TOP 40 and Hits format and became known as "Lite & Easy - 1008." This name and format change, failed to turn the stations fortunes around, so as a last ditch effort to improve ratings, the station reverted back to the 4IP name that had given it so much success in the 60's and 70's.


Unfortunately though for 4IP and many other AM stations in Brisbane, the FM dominance in market share and audience ratings was too much and eventually in 1992, the 1008 AM frequency was bought by the TattsCorp Group and became known as 4TAB. It remains the horse racing station to this day.


In 2014, a dedicated fan of the station, Robbie Cohen, set the wheels in motion for an online resurrection of the iconic Brisbane station. Starting with a Facebook page & a collection of memorabilia, he set about encouraging other fans to share their stories from the time. As the following grew, the project expanded & the decision was made to create an online station featuring the music & imaging of Stereo 10.


V Factor Entertainment came on board in April 2017 to provide technical & production skills for the new Stereo 10 & after months of extremely hard work Stereo 10 Brisbane (as an online-only station) launched to the public on August 10, 2017 at 10:08 a.m. The date & time was purposely selected as a tribute to the original station's frequency.


Changes in circumstances saw changes to the day to day operation of Stereo 10 & as of May 2018 V Factor Entertainment exclusively manages the Stereo 10 online station, now incorporated into the VFE NETWORK.



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